Additional Sockets And Lighting Barry

Let us help you with additional lighting and socket installations in and around Barry. With so many electrical items around the house the need for additional sockets has increased in recent years. It is quite usual now to have at least 2 to 4 double sockets per room. Additional sockets are now used for;

  • Sockets for mobile phone charges
  • New RCD sockets and waterproof sockets
  • New sockets for washing machine
  • New sockets for tumble dryers
  • New sockets for TVs
  • Additional sockets for general and kitchen appliances

It is recommended that each appliance that is plugged into an electrical socket have its own socket outlet. If too many appliances and electrical items are plugged into these multi-way adapters and extension leads they are at risking of overheating which is potential fire hazard.

Extra Sockets & Lighting Installations

DIY electrics is the most dangerous DIY in the home that anyone can attempt to dabble in. DIY enthusiasts and unqualified handy men can put homes and loved ones at risk. New sockets now need to be installed to 18th edition BS 7671 wiring regulations. Great care should be taken when installing new sockets into an existing system, as altering the wiring incorrectly can cause overheating and fire risks due to overloading of cables.

There is a maximum amount of sockets that can be taken off existing socket circuits, and additional measures such as spurs should be used to limit the current through cabling. Sockets in kitchens and outdoors are subject to part P regulations and need RCD protection and the right IP rating for outdoor use. Professionals know the current regulations for the installation of sockets and carry all the relevant test equipment and provide certification to meet part P legislation (law).

Lighting Installations

Lighting installations and extra lighting in the home can help you relax and provide the ambience you require.Additional Lighting
You may need additional lighting such as task lighting or under cupboard kitchen lighting. Spotlighting is very popular. Decorative chandeliers and contemporary modern light fittings give different effects for different types of homes and rooms. Our range of lighting and accessories includes;

  • Wall lights
  • Glass lights
  • Porcelain wall lights
  • Decorative wall lights
  • Floor lamps
  • Low voltage spot lights.
  • Spot lights

spotlights are being used more and you can have a dimmable version of the LED spotlights. LED spotlights are available in brass LED spots, white LED spots, chrome LED spots, brushed stainless LED spots. Most new spotlights and LED spotlights are fire rated for the part P building regulations compliance.

Dimming and Dimers can be used to create the perfect light level in and around the house.

Flood And Security Lighting

Typically for floodlighting you would have LED, compact fluorescent or halogen lamps. These could be controlled by darkness sensors (photocells) or a combined PIR detector, which has light level and movement detection built-in to the sensor. This will normally be triggered by movement for a set period of time.

Floodlights and security lights can be an excellent way to help reduce crime by floodlighting an area that could be subject to criminal activity.
Security lights can serve as garden lighting, as most security lights can be overridden for a certain period of time with an override switch. This means if you wanted to be outside and needed lighting for entertaining guests or relaxing in the garden you could do this for extended periods of time.

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Extra Sockets & Lighting Installations To Suit You

We will put your electrical-related worries behind you fast and make the whole process as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Although you can increase the number of sockets in a room by converting single sockets to doubles, there may be times where you need an extra socket where none exist already. In this case, you’ll need to add a spur from a ring circuit or extend the existing ring circuit.

The average cost of installing an extra double socket is between £80-£140 depending on if it is flush mounted or surface mounted.

We highly recommend a professional electrician be hired for this work. It is always dangerous to work with electrics and if not done properly can be a fire and electrical hazard. Hiring a professional electrician gives a guarantee the work is done properly and safely, in line with building regulations. They can also inspect the electrical circuits and fuse boxes to make sure they’re up to scratch.

The Short Answer. Yes, you should use an electrician when conducting electrical work in your home. Using an electrician for light fitting installations means that the highest level of electrical expertise is applied.

This will depend on the type of light. The average time to change a light is 1 hour.

no one other than a Part P registered electrician is allowed to work on or install mains powered lighting outdoors.

The cost of installing security lights will depend on the type of light that is being fitted. For example, floodlights will cost around £80-£180 to install.

As most are now LED, they can use around 30 times less electricity than a standard fluorescent light! In addition, your security lighting doesn’t need to be on all the time. By using sensors that detect movement, they can turn themselves on and off as necessary.

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